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Dialysis access procedures

If you are a dialysis patient, a dialysis access procedure can make it easier for medical providers to access your circulatory system for dialysis or other procedures. A small access port is installed, most often in your arm or leg, to allow blood to be taken and returned to your body quickly and easily. A port can be created by either inserting a small tube to connect an artery to a vein, or by surgically joining an artery and a vein. The goal is to increase blood flow to the vein, making dialysis easier.

The vascular surgeons at Novant Health Vascular Specialists have years of experience placing dialysis access ports. Before your procedure, your surgeon will conduct an extensive pre-operative evaluation to determine where to place your access port and to consider any other health factors that could affect port placement. After your dialysis access is placed, your surgeon will provide comprehensive follow-up evaluation and treatment to ensure the access is functioning appropriately.



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